C3TA Trainer - Debbra Macdonald, C.I.I.

With over 30 years of experience in investigative services in the insurance, civil, corporate and criminal areas, your instructor has handled in-depth file reviews, witness locates, interviews, statement taking and analysis, staged accidents, surveillance, employment and neighbourhood inquires.  In the realm of criminal investigations, she has been tasked to conduct murder, sexual assault and robbery investigations. After a lengthy career in the investigation field, Debbra honed her company’s services to conduct background investigations including Internet, social media and cold case investigations. She served as a subject matter expert in establishing training standards for Ontario private investigators.

As President, CEO and Privacy Officer at C3 Investigations Inc. Ms. Macdonald has been dedicated to the improvement and standards of Private Investigators across Canada. She has sat as the Chair of the National Fraud Consortium with a panel of experts fighting Insurance Fraud and is currently involved in the development of a National training and certification in the specialized field of Fraud Investigators. She has been active as seminar chair for the Canadian Association of Special Investigation Units (C.A.S.I.U.), which hosts the largest annual fraud seminar across Canada. In the past Debbra was President of the Council of Private Investigators in Ontario (C.P.I.O), during which time the PI profession was undergoing a complete re-write of government regulation, certification and training standards for Private Investigators. As a registered trainer for the PSISA, she developed C3TA to train high caliber private investigators across Ontario.

Ms. Macdonald speaks publicly with regard to her profession and the image of Private Investigators globally. With Debbra's vast experience through her career, she has been inspired to write fictional novels based on true stories. With her first book released early in 2013 titled “The Cost of Innocence”. The second book and recently released was “From Gumshoe to Cyber Sleuth”, a Private Investigators manual for North America was released on November 17, 2015 and will cover a large portion of the course syllabus and more.