C3 Criminal Division

The C3 Criminal division believes that "all men or woman are innocent until proven guilty".  All men and women are not created equal when it comes to their defense or their investigators. We work closely with defense lawyers to achieve the best results. This team begins every investigation from scratch, with direction from the lawyer, and our information is not tainted and is strictly developed through inquiries, as well as, digging deep into the core of the occurrence. We re-evaluate the case, looking into each and every witness, locating new witnesses and obtaining full statements providing a clear picture of the occurrence. We follow leads; establish witness credibility and possibly new evidence not present in disclosure. Through a thorough review of the file, our team works with our clients to focus on a most cost effective way to locate new evidence with the objective of effectively providing the facts as we find them.

“The Wrongfully Convicted” - the words are more commonly heard than ever before. The CSI effect has not reached Canada as it has in the big screen, with decades between television and actual concrete results, has resulted in a need for criminal investigators to pound the pavement for answers.  Being aware of this factor and the lengthy time that the accused may remain incarcerated dictates that our team of investigators must act swiftly to identify potential witnesses. In today’s society, social media research has opened a door for credibility searches and witness locates.

C3 is of the belief that investigative fact based solutions in a cost effective and timely manner with the facts and documents presented court ready in a crown brief.

Criminal Services

  • Witness Locates
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Witness Credibility
  • Evidence Collection
  • Interviews
  • Statement Analysis
  • Scene Photography
  • Neighborhood Canvass
  • Timeline Investigations
  • Court Brief Preparation
  • Discreet Surveillance