Debbra Macdonald

The President of C3 Investigations, Debbra Macdonald is a well-versed senior investigator with the knack of performing her investigations in the most cost effective manner and with the client's interest held above and beyond the normal investigation company. She graduated to a deeper level of understanding of clients’ requirements and as President of C3 Investigations, she continuously attends and teaches training courses to keep abreast of the ever changing industry and laws. Her company also offer a mentoring program for those who want to exceed in the private investigation field.

Ms. Macdonald has over 30 years of experience in insurance, corporate, civil and criminal cases including in-depth file reviews, witness locates, and statement taking, analysis, as well as, conducting detailed interviews and background inquiries. Her quick wit has enabled her to provide services to specialty clients who know that C3's services will be a step beyond other investigation firms.

Her areas of specialization are in in-depth background investigations including ring fraud investigations, staged accidents, and witness locates and statement taking, along with service provider interviews and third party statements. Our President has also been involved in covert surveillance assignments, Anton Pillar search and seizure orders. She has also conducted numerous criminal investigations pertaining to arson, robbery, theft, wrongful dismissal, murder and sexual assault. Debbra has significant experience with court preparation, testimony and interrogation stemming from her extensive communication skills and gentle approach to interviewing and attention to detail.

Her career began, as a surveillance investigator with the strong will to find the answers for her clients. If there were no answers, she would seek them out through neighbours, employers and through resources. After the last 7 years of specialization in background investigations, Ms. Macdonald realized the necessity to explore her own capabilities and operate her own firm to assist her clients. She has currently trained a number of investigators that acquire the same common need as her - to find the accurate and concise information and solutions for her clients.

Her formal education commenced with the University of Toronto, followed by several certificates in Property & Casualty claims investigations, Fraud Forum Awareness, and Advanced Laboratory of Scientific Statement Analysis (LSI).

Debbra Macdonald sits on two Boards of Directors. She is chair of seminar and advisor to the Canadian Special Investigations Unit Association (CASIU) and sat as president on the Council of Private Investigators Ontario (CPIO) in Ontario. Ms. Macdonald sat on the board of the Council of International Investigators (CII) and is a member of the International Association of Special Investigation Units (IASIU).

She is active in the Canadian Special Investigations Unit Association, Toronto Woman’s Insurance Association, Canadian Private Investigators Organization, The International Association of Auto Theft Investigators, and is a seasoned conference speaker.

Ms. Macdonald speaks publicly with regard to her profession and the image of Private Investigators globally. With Debbra's vast experience through her career, she has been inspired to write fictional novels based on true stories. With her first book released early in 2013 titled “The Cost of Innocence”. The second book and recently released was “From Gumshoe to Cyber Sleuth”, a Private Investigators manual for North America was released on November 17, 2015 and will cover a large portion of the course syllabus and more.