C3TA Training Courses

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We will offer Students the high calibre educational training to enter the field of Private Investigations with confidence and knowledge. The in-class assignments and learning from real life examples of cases will help students grasp the core competencies and modules, enabling them to learn effectively through our trainers. Our experience spans over 30 years and will prove exciting and relative to meet the learning objectives. In the vast realm of Private Investigations, and the PSISA Syllabus of 80 hours, students will need to recall many areas of investigation and apply the objectives when in the field. Our course will enable to students to be ready to start their career in the Private Investigation field.  

Course Outline and Syllabus

  • Full Private Investigator Training Syllabus
  • 50 hours – on line and in class
  • 30 hours independent studying
  • 8 Modules that will include the outline of the Syllabus on the PSISA website

Modules of Syllabus

  1. Introduction to Private Investigation Industry (2 + 2)
  2. The private Security and Investigative Services Act (2 + 3)
  3. Provincial and Federal Statutes (6 + 10)
  4. Criminal and Civil Laws (12 + 10)
  5. Investigative Techniques (14 + 2)
  6. Principles of Ethical Reasoning / Decision Making (2)
  7. Principles of Communication and Interaction(7)
  8. Self-Management Skills (5 + 2)
  9. Preparation podcasts and sample exams to prepare for the test